Sustainable Design

Ice Storage Sysatem at The Hotel

The ice-storage system at The Hotel at Kirkwood Center is a great example of our research, forward thinking and willingness to learn new ways to systemically save energy.

Sustainable design has evolved from a feel-good industry buzz-word to a critical component of long-term building and occupant health and cost management.

We’re proud to say we’ve been at the forefront of sustainable design since well before it became popular. We have dozens of LEED-certified projects, with more in the works, but all of our projects live up to the standards of the US Green Building Association’s LEED certification process, not just the certified ones.

Sustainable design in MEP Engineering involves understanding the interoperability of systems and how to make them work together, balancing heating, cooling, and energy loads to lower cost and operational maintenance. We also research new technologies and discuss and dissect them in our in-house teams.