Mechanical Engineering

The University of Iowa College of Dentistry

Leonardo left Vinci to study fluid dynamics, it’s true. The Renaissance’s favorite genius, artist, scientist, and inventor first set out to be a plumber. Mechanical Engineering is one of the oldest engineering disciplines, blending physics and material sciences to create and manage the environment.

Pressure, heat, velocity, and even electricity (don’t tell the electrical engineers) fit in the realm of Mechanical Engineering.

At Design Engineers we focus our mechanical genius on air and water management in buildings. These systems control not just the health and comfort of the occupants, but of the building itself. We design and plan thoroughly custom and integrated systems.

Mechanical systems are tightly inter-connected and carefully controlled and balanced to achieve optimum building performance. This balance is a significant component of Sustainable Design, as carefully-designed and correctly-sized systems are the most efficient and use the least energy, minimizing environmental impact.

Our areas of expertise include a wide variety of system design.

HVAC Systems:


Fire Suppression: