Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering today is based in large part on the invention of the polyphase power system and the induction motor, commonly known as contributions from Nikola Tesla. He has been deemed the man who invented the twentieth century, and “the patron saint of modern electricity”. EE is, in many ways, the continuing exploration of Tesla’s original work in the late 1800’s, and it changes the world every day.

At Design Engineers, we focus our energy on designing lighting systems that are aesthetically pleasing, while being operationally efficient. Our power systems are right-sized to support a building’s air and water systems, as well as critical information and technology. If it is Mechanical Engineers who bring buildings to life, Electrical Engineers give it sight, sustenance, and the sensory functions it needs to communicate and thrive.

Like the larger field of EE, our work evolves constantly, creating smarter buildings and more efficient systems.

Our areas of expertise include a wide variety of system design.