Engineering Services

At Design Engineers we study our clients, their processes, the building site, and the architect’s vision of the final form to make them into a seamless whole. It takes serious planning. Planning for power use, for air use and circulation, for water use and circulation, for people coming into rooms and leaving buildings, for just about anything we can imagine. Imagining the possible and planning for the unimaginable is what we do every day.

A school theatre, for example, sits empty before a show. Suddenly, 500 people come into the room and all the lights come on at once, and the show begins. Our challenge? Keep it cool, keep it all running, and keep it silent so you can hear every word on stage, while providing a comfortable environment.

We provide architects, developers, designers, and construction teams with the plans they need to build a building that runs efficiently and effectively. Our work is a process of discovery, documentation and decisions that make buildings work without people noticing.