The Stanley Center for Peace & Security

The Stanley Center for Peace and Security uses education and diplomacy to advocate for global policy that address existential threats to humanity, including nuclear weapons, mass violence, and climate change. So in 2019, when the Stanley staff and governance began collaborating on an ideal workspace, reviving the local abandoned Muscatine library with Living Building Challenge (LBC) and biophilic design principals was the perfect opportunity to show their commitment to mitigating climate change and building just and equitable communities and work spaces within society. Completed in 2023, the building is now in the performance verification period of the LBC, pursuing full Living Building certification.

Front-facing view of the Stanley Center for Peace and Security.

Mechanical Engineering

The HVAC systems include an air-source Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system with heat recovery and nearly 95% efficient air-to-air energy recovery ventilation equipment with an integrated VRF coil. The ERV achieves such high efficiency with a regenerative energy exchanger and distributes filtered outdoor air to rooms.
The plumbing systems include heat pump water heaters and water-efficient toilets and sinks. The plumbing piping connections that connect to and from the rainwater collection-treatment system were achieved with careful collaboration with the water systems and civil consultants.

Electrical Engineering

The electrical systems include LED lighting, power, fire alarm, technology, security, and solar photovoltaics. The building solar PV array provides net positive electricity, 105% or more of the building energy consumption annually, and in combination with solar battery storage, provides emergency power for a portion of the building as part of the resiliency strategy. Sub-metering monitors the systems’ energy use to inform energy savings decisions.

Living Building Challenge Video Series

To learn more about the center, view the Stanley Center’s LBC video series.


The Chicago Athenaeum Green Good Design Global Sustainability Award, 2022

1000 Friends of Iowa Best Development Award: Innovative Leadership, 2023