DE Announces New Principals

Design Engineers is excited to announce the promotion of Justin Marxen and Jonathan Gettler to Principal. 

In addition to his role as a Senior Electrical Engineer and Project Manager, Jonathan Gettler, PE, has taken to his new role at the head of the Design Engineers electrical team. “The last two years have given me a profound appreciation for our clients’ biggest challenges and how we can support them.”

Jonathan notes changes at DE to keep up with demand. “In addition to a focus on supporting our Architectural partners, we have expanded our technology services and staff, and have tackled new challenges from arc flash studies to solar implementation.  We’ve become the trusted consultant for a major regional retailer and saved multiple school districts money on every project. It’s an exciting time to be at DE.” Jonathan adds.

Justin Marxen is no stranger to dramatic change and large-scale projects.  “A couple years back I realized I’ve touched every single bathroom in every single residence hall on the University of Iowa campus. If that’s not commitment, I don’t know what is.” Justin says with a smile. 

Justin’s eye for the details and unwavering focus on results for large, complex renovations led to his leadership in projects like the $12M Small Sport Center at Cornell College and UI’s $15M design-driven College of Nursing renovation with BNIM. “I really like working on the big picture but it’s the smallest details that matter most.” he notes, which is why Justin is a perfect fit as DE’s newest Principal.