CMBA Rocking the UI Lindquist Renovation

CMBA Rocks This Renovation With an Innovative Lighting Approach

Opening up an existing higher education space can be tricky. Old systems, new systems, old wiring, new wiring, some walls can go, others have to stay. What you need is a unifying concept.

Enter Kent Lutz and his team at CMBA with their vision for an open ceiling plan and a lighting system that emphasizes the intersecting lines of the building as a whole. Layering depth, light, and surprise with new AV systems, smartboards, Surface tables and new open-plan seating options to create a bright and inviting collaborative space for everyone to enjoy.

Design Engineers provided LED fixtures, occupancy sensors and controller to boost light levels while lowering energy use 30% below code requirements. DE also provided AV strategy and planning assistance, and optimized the existing HVAC system.