Auditorium Experience

Auditorium Experience

UD PAC Stage

Design Engineers has successfully completed numerous auditorium projects covering a wide range of styles.  The projects include both large and small auditoriums as well as renovations and new construction.  Some examples include the following.

Project Name Type(s) of Auditorium
University of Iowa School of Music Concert Hall, Recital Hall, Organ Hall, Opera
Kirkwood Ballantyne Auditorium Remodel Proscenium
University of Dubuque Performing Arts Proscenium, Black Box
Dubuque Grand Opera House Renovation Proscenium
University of Iowa Theatre Renovation Proscenium, Black Box
Williamsburg High School Auditorium Remodel Proscenium
Epworth High School Auditorium Addition Proscenium
Solon High School Auditorium Proscenium
CSPS Legion Arts Concert Hall
West Delaware Auditorium Addition Proscenium
Sycamore Cinema Cinema
University of Iowa Phillips Hall Auditorium Renovation Lecture
University of Iowa Macbride Hall Auditorium Renovation Lecture


The design of auditoriums requires close collaboration between engineers, architects, theatre planners and acoustical consultants.  Design Engineers takes pride in our ability to integrate our work into the complex requirements of these different disciplines.  Collaboration between the MEP engineer and performance lighting and AV designers is particularly important since the engineer must provide the infrastructure for these systems.  Likewise, collaboration with the acoustical consultant is critical to be able to achieve the desired acoustical ratings.  Some consultants we’ve worked with on the projects listed above include:


          Jaffe Holden Acoustics – Russell Cooper                         Fisher Dachs Theatre Planning – Robert Campbell

          Threshold Acoustics – Carl Giegold                                Schuler ShookTheatre Planners – Todd Hensley

          Kirkegaard Associates – Jonathan Darling                       Theatre Projects – Millie Dixon


Design Engineers is energized by the complex design challenges associated with the type of collaboration and attention to detail required by music and theatre projects.  Specialty systems for the projects listed above included displacement ventilation, low dew point air delivery systems, precision humidification systems, clean agent and pre-action sprinkler fire protection, high sensitivity air sampling fire detection systems, and specialty power for AV systems such as 200% rated neutrals, isolation transformers, isolated neutrals, etc.