West Campus Residence Hall

West Campus Residence Hall – University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa

WCRH BuildingProject History
This project is to construct the first new residence hall on the University of Iowa campus since 1973.   The 172,000 sf residence hall is 10 stories high and is designed to meet high rise code requirements. The energy efficient mechanical and electrical systems are expected to save over $300,000 a year in utility costs compared to a code baseline building, along with an estimated utility rebate of over $500,000.  The project is seeking LEED Silver certification.

Mechanical Design
The lowest two levels, which will be served by a central AHU VAV system, will house a dining facility, multi-purpose room, offices, laundry facility, and learning commons.  The upper eight levels will be served by 4-pipe fan coil units and provide living space for 500 students.  Also included are snow melt and radiant floor heating systems.  A heat-recovery chiller system will utilize the campus chilled water system as a heat source to efficiently produce heating water for the facility along with chilled water that can be used within building or pumped to campus system.  The building will utilize a central energy recovery unit for treatment of ventilation air, with ventilation being controlled based on demand determined through integration with the building lighting control system.

Electrical Design
The electrical scope of work includes the installation of lighting, lighting controls, normal and emergency power and addressable fire alarm systems.  Lighting systems include automatic daylight harvesting and specialty lighting for select areas. In addition, the project includes a new 15kV primary and 480V secondary electrical service entrance and distribution for the entire building along with a 150kW emergency generator. Telecommunications systems for the project were also provided in accordance with University standards.  The project includes a new cabling plant for the entire building.

Download the Project Case Study:  icon_PDF  UI West Campus Residence Hall