DE@STEM for Linn-Mar

Mechanical Engineers Justin Opperman and Tim Lentz participated in the Linn-Mar High School STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Day

STEM is a national initiative; our local initiative is aimed at engaging Iowans to help shift the culture and mindset around math, science and technology so that Iowa is recognized as the premier state delivering this important brand of education.

STEM’s goals are

  1. to increase awareness and recognition of the need for quality math, science and technology education, and
  2. to increase knowledge that the workforce must possess math, science and technology proficiency and skills.

Justin and Tim spoke to two groups of 30 students about working as a mechanical engineer at an MEPT design firm.

They covered topics such as:

Tim and Justin taught the class the basics of designing a ductwork system and then helped the students with a design exercise wherein they sized ductwork for the Design Engineers office building. The presentation concluded with examples of the various tools of the trade and several student questions.