“Evaluating Daylighting in Design” in Iowa Architect Magazine

DesignEngineers-07The Design Engineers offices are showcased in the Winter 2012 Edition of Iowa Architect, in a Showcase on Daylighting.

How do you quantify daylighting in a building design? That’s what makes the daylighting analysis in the Custom Plus track of the Commercial New Construction (CNC) Program so invaluable to the design process. Administered by the Weidt Group and sponsored by Alliant Energy, Black Hills Energy, and MidAmerican Energy Company, the CNC Program provides insight and quantifiable information on new construction…before it’s built.

“We were interested to look at some of the energy impacts of our real early design decision, particularly things like the building size, shape, and orientation. You have to look at the energy benefit but make value judgements based on the added cost.”
– Dwight Schumm

It’s an excellent article on the process of energy efficient design with daylighting in mind, and contains a series of highly quotable excerpts and a case-study of the Design Engineers offices. You can download it below.

Download the Iowa Architect Article:   Evaluating Daylighting In Design