Veterans Administration Research Hospital

Veterans Administration Research Hospital

This project consisted of the construction of a new free standing 30,000 square foot research facility on the campus of the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Iowa City.  The facility was constructed to provide additional wet laboratory research space for use by the VA staff.  Utilities for the new facility, including water, steam, chilled water and the electrical service were extended from the existing campus systems.

The scope of mechanical work included the installation of a central air handling unit and general exhaust system, distribution ductwork including variable air volume terminal units and reheat coils for room temperature and pressure control, a dedicated fume exhaust system, a chilled water pump, a hot water heat exchanger and pumps, and a direct digital control system for control of the new HVAC equipment.  New plumbing systems included domestic hot water heaters, a central compressed air system, and a central vacuum system.  A fire suppression system was also provided.

The electrical scope of work included the installation of lighting and power systems, the extension of emergency power from an existing emergency generator, electrical connections in support of both the mechanical equipment and the laboratory equipment and an addressable fire alarm system.  Communication pathways were also provided in accordance with VA standards.

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