Just your average ordinary innovative, obsessive,

and collaborative problem solvers.

Design Engineers OfficesIf you picked up a building and shook everything out of it, what remains is what we design. Between the walls, above the ceilings, connected to the maze of piping, ductwork, power, and communications systems that make a building function, that’s what we obsess about. Most of the time it’s the things you can’t see and don’t think about, and when we design them, you don’t have to.

We do it in our amazing LEED Gold Certified office space in Cedar Rapids. It’s just brimming over with talent and optimism coming from our mechanical and electrical design professionals. We work in tightly collaborative and integrative teams both internally and with our clients.

Obsessed, it’s true. We’re obsessed with details and technology that delivers efficient systems for buildings, and we’re obsessed with doing it in the most sustainable way. We are constantly pushing the envelope on systems design, looking for better options to deliver to our clients.

If you’re planning a building project with complex and challenging engineering needs, we’re ready to help. If you’re an architect with a vision and need a partner with courage and an open mind, you just found the one you want.